ProClick Reporting Software:



ProClick Reporting is an integrated software which produces professional reports with high acceptance in medico-legal industry. This system allows increase in productivity for the experts and quick turnaround.

A complete software solution to fully and easily manage:

One screen to manage the complete case with all the required options. Easy to use, step by step procedure to complete the report and send it to instructing party with fully customizable invoice generation process. Flexibility to view section wise reports. Easy to modify any detail in any of the section. Expert’s Clinics and Appointments. Case detail, case history, case communications, case invoices, case appointments and everything about a case on one easy to use screen. Expert’s Consulting Venus with reports for venues and clinic dates. Instructing Parties with complete payment setup for each IP. Secretaries account. Case Referrers. Clinic List Upcoming Venues and dates. Auto Appointments, DNA, Attended letters and notifications. Auto Invoice generation with fully customizable invoice patterns. Batch appointment letters for the whole clinic.

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